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Cerec Dental Crowns
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The moment you feel the first twinge of pain in your mouth you know the inevitable is coming.  As hard as you try and ignore the discomfort, it’s only going to continue to increase.  You start increasing your brushing, flossing, and anything else you think might help.  Deep down you know it won’t help and that you are fighting a losing battle.  The pain will keep getting more intense until you finally give in and go see a dentist. CEREC crowns may be able to lessen the financial pains when you visit a Utah dental clinic.

One of the reasons for the resistance to see a Riverton dentist is the strong possibility that a dental crown will be required to fix the problem.  That means not just one visit, but multiple trips are needed to get it finished.  Not only do you have to go in more than once, but you will have to deal with the hassle of wearing a temporary crown until the final one can be made.  The extra visit also means getting anesthesia twice and basically having the work performed two times as well.  Don’t forget you are paying for each visit and there isn’t a lot to like about the prospect of getting a dental cap.

Fortunately, new dental technology is making it possible to change how caps are created and placed in the mouth.  CEREC crowns are making the whole process much simpler and more convenient than ever before.  Using a cutting edge dental technology dentists are now able to capture a 3-D image of the patient’s teeth.  Using this image combined with CAD software, the dentist is then able to create the new CEREC crown right in the office during the original visit.

The CEREC crown is made from a solid block of ceramic or resin material.  This material is placed in a machine that forms the new CEREC crown right there while you wait.  Dr. Brown of Stone Creek Dental in Riverton, Utah says the new CEREC caps are ready in around a half an hour and can be as quickly as six minutes.

Not only is it fast but it’s extremely accurate as well. Since they are using exact models of your mouth, the CEREC dental crown will fit perfectly. It will go on smoothly and comfortably and will have been made to fit perfectly with the teeth that touch it. The ceramic blocks are available in a wide array of colors and sizes so they can match the surrounding teeth. If it isn’t a perfect match, then the dentist can adjust the coloring to make the CEREC crown look natural. At Stone Creek Family Dental in Riverton, Utah all of this is done while you wait.

Think of the time this can save. For example, patients visiting Dr. Brown’s office in Riverton for CEREC crowns will make only one visit to his office. This visit lasts about the same amount of time as each of the visits would take when getting a traditional dental cap. Everyone's schedule is busy and hectic. Cutting out an extra appointment by getting a CEREC crown can make a big difference clearing up a hectic day or week. Plus you won’t have to deal with getting your mouth numbed an extra time.