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Wisdom Teeth Removal Utah - It Doesn’t Have to be Painful and Expensive

Interesting Fact 1:  According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, an estimated 85% of third molars will eventually need surgery for extraction or removal.

Interesting Fact 2:  35% of the world's population is born without a single wisdom tooth as humans no longer need them for survival.

What are wisdom teeth and how do I know if I have them? 

Also known as a third molar this tooth is located in the very back of the mouth.  Most people have four wisdom teeth on the back of each set of molars.  It is possible to have fewer than four or even more.  If there are more than four, it is called a supernumerary tooth.  Most everyone has them, but there are occasions where they don’t ever grow in, or need surgery for removal or extraction.  

At what age do third molars start growing in? 

Most people needing wisdom teeth removal Utah will see their wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 25.  While this is normally the case, they can actually come in many years later.  Regular dental checkups will make sure that any third molars that begin to develop will be detected before they can become an issue and if necessary schedule surgery for removal or extraction.  

wisdom teeth removal utah

Why is wisdom teeth removal surgery a good idea? 

When a wisdom tooth begins to come in it brings the number of teeth up as high as 32.  This can create a problem because most people’s jaws don’t have the space to accommodate the extra molars.  This can cause pain as well as create issues in the jaw.  Once the tooth starts coming in its best to see a dentist right away to schedule surgery for extraction if needed. 

What happens when third molars become impacted? 

As mentioned earlier, there usually isn’t enough room in the jaw when wisdom teeth start coming in.  This can force them to catch on the tooth located in front of them.  When this occurs, it makes the wisdom teeth come in at an improper angle.  This is commonly referred to as being impacted, and when it happens the tooth almost always needs surgery for extraction and removal.  

wisdom teeth removal utah

What are the risks of avoiding wisdom teeth removal surgery?

It somewhat depends on how they grow in.  If they are impacted and a removal surgery isn't performed, it can become very painful and even cause a person’s bite to become misaligned.  In addition, it can also create problems with the teeth they are impacted against.  Another common problem is that the tooth doesn't fully break through the gums.  This leaves the area vulnerable to a bacterial infection, and this is why the extraction of third molars is so common.

How much does wisdom teeth extraction surgery cost?

This will depend on some different variables.  The most obvious question is how many have to be extracted.  The cost per tooth extraction will usually range between $250 and $400 per tooth.  Of course, there are certainly oral surgeons that have removal rates that can be higher than this.  Expect the starting rate for surgery to have all four wisdom teeth extracted in Riverton, Utah to be at $1,000.  Make sure to check with any medical or dental insurance you have to see if there is wisdom teeth removal utah coverage.