I’ve heard bad things about Amalgam or Mercury fillings. Am I at risk if I have these? Are they Safe?

Over the last few years, there has been a great amount of debate regarding whether or not dental amalgam is a safe restorative material. This year, there was a review of all of the studies that have been completed over the years, and the American Dental Association released a reaffirmation regarding the safety of dental amalgam as a restorative material. In this review, the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs compiled a comprehensive literature review that summarizes the evidence compiled over the last five years. Based on this compilation, the Council reaffirmed its position on amalgam as a safe and durable dental restorative material. This year as well, the US Food and Drug Administration reviewed dental amalgam and gave its final rule on the matter. The FDA reviewed the literature available and gave dental amalgam the same safety rating as dental gold and composite materials. All of these things ensure that if you would like to have amalgam fillings placed, they will not harm your health. However, if you are concerned about the esthetics of amalgam fillings, or if you still have concerns, we are happy to provide you with tooth-colored composite fillings of the highest quality available. If you have continuing questions, please feel free to discuss with us at the time of your appointment. In many cases, the type of material that is best for filling any given tooth is dependent on multiple factors, and we can make a recommendation for your case.