Bleeding After Wisdom Teeth

Many of our patients wonder what to expect in terms of bleeding after wisdom teeth. Most people will experience bleeding from time to time for the first few days after the procedure.  Most dentists will send you home with gauze rolls that you can bite down on to put pressure on the wounds and stop the bleeding. You can also use moistened tea bags to bite down on. These can be more comfortable and can stop the bleeding better than gauze. 

Often times patients will ooze blood for 24- 48 hours after surgery. It is important to know that oral bleeding consists of a little blood and a lot of saliva. If you find that that the surgical areas are still oozing, replace gauze as needed every 30-45 minutes. Avoid lifting, or other strenuous activities to avoid increased bleeding, swelling and pain. You should be careful getting up too quickly even if you are just lying down and standing up. Lightheadness is more likely to occur during this period.

Make sure to take extra care when cleaning your teeth. Do not agitate or probe any surgical areas during the healing process. Stone Creek Family Dental can answer all of your questions regarding your wisdom tooth extraction procedure or if you are having bleeding after wisdom teeth procedure. Simply call us at 801-253-4547.

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