Wisdom Teeth Extraction Timeline

Following wisdom teeth extraction it can take up to six weeks for the bone and gum tissue to heal.  The time varies on whether the wisdom teeth were impacted in gum or bone.

Bleeding After Wisdom Teeth

Many of our patients wonder what to expect in terms of bleeding after wisdom teeth. Most people will experience bleeding from time to time for the first few days after the procedure. Most dentists will send you home with gauze rolls that you can bite down on to put pressure on the wounds and stop the bleeding. You can also use moistened tea bags to bite down on. These can be more comfortable and can stop the bleeding better than gauze.

Teeth Whitening Utah

Zoom Whitening is a teeth whitening process used in many areas across the world. It effectively lightens discoloration of dentin and enamel. There are many reasons for tooth discoloration, the most common being from drinking coffee and tea, or smoking. Over time the aging process can darken your teeth.

What is CEREC?

“What is CEREC?” is a question I hear from many of my patients.  CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction.   It was developed with the idea of creating high quality, metal-free dental restorations within a few minutes.

Laughing Gas or Anesthesia?

What type of anesthesia for tooth extraction is an important consideration. The dentist has to loosen the tooth from the periodontal ligament as well as a number of other structures in order to remove it. This is a painful procedure and dentists will offer you two choices when it comes to anesthesia for your procedure: local anesthesia and general anesthesia.

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